Thursday, April 2, 2009


Common names: While Alder, Lidah Kucing
Scientific name: Turnera subulata
Family: Turneraceae


Scientific name: Costus speciosus (Koenig) Sm.
Common Names: Tabubungiaw (Bis.), Setawar (Malay), Spiral ginger (Engl.)
Medicinal use:
In some places, the juice of stems used for dysentery. In India, the rhizome has been used as famine food. Roots used for catarrhal fevers, coughs, dyspepsia, worms and skin diseases.In Malaysia , the juice of the rhizome is used as a purgative. In Java, the rhizome has been reported to be used for syphilis.


The Chinese believe that the Buddha Pine that I am posing with in the above picture will bring luck to the occupants of the house if it is planted there. For your information, the plant next to me costs RM788.00. I heard that there are also some Buddha Pines or Loh Hon Tzong which could cost tens of thousands of ringgit. Wow!