Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I received two guests, Reverend Dr. Daniel Velloo and Mr Nathan from the Vision Home who had specially come to the college to visit the Herb Garden. Dr. Daniel from Word of Life Centre Ipoh is the founder of the Vision Home in Manjung and in Ipoh.

It turned out that the reverend who happened to visit this Taman Herba KVSM blog was a herb enthusiast like me. Well, I was really happy to spend some time sharing about the herbs with him and his friend, Mr Nathan. Unfortunately, the Herb Garden was still undergoing upgrading and so was not in prime condition. A few of the plants had died when we were working on it during the holidays and a few more died when I was away on holiday in Taiwan. Furthermore, the signages and signboard for the herbs that I ordered will only be ready next week. So I was rather disappointed that I could not show my two guests more. Fortunately, Dr Daniel said that he would make another visit at the end of the month.


I have been getting a bit of advice from my friends and relatives on how to lower my cholesterol level. Some told me to eat oats for breakfast while others told me to cut down on seafood and fried food.
The latest advice came from my Aunt Linda. She told me to drink water that has been boiled with pandan leaves. According to her, the cholesterol level will drop within a week.
So, I went to the market and bought a big bunch of pandan leaves, boiled them and put them in bottles to drink for a week to see if it works. Wish me luck!


If you happen to have some unused PVC pipes lying around, perhaps you would like to fashion a planter out of them like the creative one I saw at the Vision Home in Sitiawan.