Sunday, February 21, 2010


I would like to introduce a herbal plant called God's Crown or Mahkota Dewa (Macrocarpa phaleria) to you today. I saw it being sold at the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning and pondered whether to buy it. Why? It is because the fruit needs to be processed first before it can be eaten if not there is a possibility of poisoning which might prove to be fatal. However, there is a certain technique to make it safe for traditional medicinal consumption. It is believed that the flesh of the Mahkota Dewa fruit contains the anti-oxidant compounds that fight cancer. This is not recommended for pregnant women.
Mahkota Dewa is often used as a therapeutic healing alternative for an assortment of diseases. Healing time varies depending on the patient's body weight and severity of the ailment. Mahkota Dewa is believed to cure cancer, tumour and other diseases and health ailments such as high blood pressure, impotency, insomnia, influenza, rheumatism, allergies, heart disease, bladder complaints, uric acid and liver problems. However one should consult a herbalist before taking this traditional medicine.

Nama Tempatan/Common names: Mahkota dewa, Buah dewa, Simalatama, Mahkota Raja, God's Crown
Nama Saintifik/Scientific name: Phaleria Macrocarpa
Famili/Family: Thymelacea

Mahkota Dewa is gunakan dalam ubat traditional untuk merawat kanser, tumor dan penyakit-penyakit seperti tekanan darah tinggi, mati pucuk (impotency), insomnia, selsema, rheumatism, resdung, penyakti jantung, masalah pundi kencing, asid uric and penyakit hati. Seseorang perlu berjumpa dengan pakar herba untuk mendapat nasihat sebelum makan ubat ini kerana buahnya beracun jika tidk diproses. Perempuan mengandung tidak boleh makan herba ini.


nswong said...

Phaleria macrocarpa

roger said...

How many mahkota dewa seeds can prove to be fatal if accidently chewed and eaten? regards,,, a concerned parent