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When I have some free time, I would take a few of my students to the herb garden and teach them about the medicinal uses of the plants there. At the same time, I get them to help me harvest the herbs to be used for medicinal baths. In this picture, you can see my student, Solihin, is taking a look at the leaves of the Durian Belanda or Soursop (Annona muricata) plant. The leaves have a strong and pungent odour. The Malays use it to prevent rat infestation in the house. Soursop leaves are also believed to help ward off evil spirits and black magic. Besides being used as a deterrent for rats and as a talisman, these leaves have numerous health benefits.
  • The leaf decoction is effective for head lice and bedbugs. 
  • The crushed fresh leaves can be applied on skin eruptions to promote healing.
  • Mashed leaves are used as a poultice to alleviate eczema and other skin problems and rheumatism.
  • Decoction of leaves used as compresses for inflammation and swollen feet
Bila saya ada masa lapang, saya akan bawa beberapa pelajar ke Taman Herba untuk mengajar mereka tentang penggunaan herba untuk rawatan.  Pada masa yang sama, mereka membantu saya untuk memetik herba untuk digunakan sebagai ramuan Mandi herba.  Dalam gambar ini, Solihin tengah mengkaji daun pokok durian belanda (Annona muricata).  Daun ini dipercayai dapat menghalang serangan makhluk halus dan ilmu sihir.  Selain daripada digunakan untuk menghalau tikus dan sebagai penghalang ilmu hitam, daun durian belanda digunakan untuk merawat kutu, penyakit kulit, reumatisme dan bengkak kaki.

My boys are looking at the Assam Jawa or Tamarind plant in this picture. The leaves of the tamarind plant are also believed to help ward off evil spirits and black magic.Tamarind leaves are used in herbal tea for reducing malaria fever. Crushed Tamarind leaves in water is used to treat inflamed parts of the body. When the leaves are made into a poultice (crushed and added with a bit of water) which is said to be effective for treating arthritis and reducing swelling in joints and was also used to treat a variety of skin disorders.

Dalam gambar ini [elajar saya sedang tengok pokok Asam Jawa.  Daun asam jawa dipercayai dapat menghalang serangan makhluk halus dan ilmu sihir.  Ia juga digunakan sebagai teh herba untuk merawat demam malaria.  Daun yang dihancur dan ditambah dengan sedikit ari boleh merawat bengkak badan, arthritis dan sendi yang bengkak.  Ia juga digunakan merawat penyakit kulit.

Here you see Solihin and me with the basket of herbs that he has helped me to gather from the Herb Garden.
Solihin dan saya dengan daun-daun yang dipetik dari Taman Herba.
A total of 13 types of herbs were gathered from the short visit to the Herb Garden.
(Sebanyak 13 jenis herba dipetik dari Taman Herba)
Later I packed the leaves together with another 15 types that I had harvested earlier in the morning.These leaves will be given to my colleagues who have requested for them. They will use them for herbal baths. It is nature's gift to us humans.

Selepas daun dipetik, saya telah bungkus semua itu bersama 15 jenis yang dipetik pada awal pagi.  Daun-daun ini akan diberikan kepada rakan sekerja untuk dijadikan ramuan Mandian Bunga.  Ia merupakan hadiah dari alam.

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