Monday, January 12, 2015


Common Names / Nama tempatan: Pokok Lagundi, Lemuni Putih. Dangla, Lipuk, Tigau,

                                                          Three leaves chaste tree, Indian Privet dan Indian Wild pepper.

Scientific name / Nama Saintifik : Vitex trifolia L.

Uses / Kegunaan                           : Used in traditional medicine as a form of birth control, post natal

                                                         care, to treat coughs and also hair loss/

                                                         Ia sering digunakan dalam perubatan tradisional masyarakat 
                                                        tempatan. Akarnya digunakan untuk pencegah kehamilan, 
                                                        rawatan selepas bersalin. 
                                                        Biji pokok Lagundi juga digunakan sebagai pereda batuk, 
                                                        serta untuk merawat masalah rambut. 


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Green fingers said...

Hi Ms Cheah, my daughter age 15 has a bad case of eczema. She is losing her hair on the top of her head. She also itches so much so that she scratches her hands and legs till ful of sores. Sge also sheds lots of dead skin cells daily. Her skin is very dry. At the moment, she uses Rosken moisture cream for dry skin. I also juice for her for detox.

You have written very interesting info on herbs. So I would like to seek your advice using herbs to treat her skin problems. I have brought her to a few skin specialists including a professor in UMMC but they cannot help her. She is allergic to the aqua cream that UMMC prescribed for her. They also prescribed steroids orally and for external application. I am very concerned because steroids is no good for the body long term. Now, my daughter looks like having the symptoms of psoriasis- she sheds so much dry skin cells. Any advice on herbs would be very much appreciated. We live in Subang jaya, Selangor.