Friday, July 8, 2016


I have pickled mangoes and papayas but never cermai. So this is a first for me. I googled the ingredients and process and found that it is similar to pickling mangoes. First I washed and soaked the fruit.
Then I weighed the fruit to see how much salt I needed to soak them. It came up to 3 kilogrammes.

I put enough water to cover the cermai and added 6 tablespoons of Himalayan salt. This will be left to soak for 12 hours.

After soaking in brine for 12 hours, I rinsed the cermai and then added syrup. Finally I put a few tablespoons of sugar before closing the lid. I left it to for a day. I also added a bit of vinegar.
This is how the pickled cermai looks like after a day soaked in syrup.  It is then kept in the fridge.

My pickled cermai. To be given to those who have been looking after the plants in the herb garden and those who helped pluck the fruits. FYI I used brown sugar instead of white to do the pickling.

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Normala Saad said...

Sedapnya jeruk cermai...kecil2 dulu selalu ada jual dalam balang kat kedai...