Sunday, October 4, 2009


I did not check up on this blog until today as I was busy celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival with my family in Ipoh.

Anyway when I went online this evening to check, a big surprise was waiting for me. A visitor (a very knowledgeable one on botany) left many comments in different posts that I had done for the blog. NSWong (not sure if it is Mr, Mrs or Miss) had kindly helped to either correct the spellings of the scientific names of the plants or supplied the scientific names for some. I guess this must be my Mid Autumn Festival present.

I had first started this blog to provide information about the herbs that were planted in the Herb Garden of my school. Since Puan Idayati (the other teacher in-charge of the Herb Garden) and I had limited funds for our garden, we only make plaques giving the local and scientific names of the herbs. Then I got the idea of giving more information about the plants by starting a blog for it. I decided to do the posts in both English and Bahasa Melayu so that more people can get the information. The teachers in the English language and Bahasa Melayu department help me out by checking the grammar of the articles that I have written in Bahasa Melayu or helping to translate my articles into the Malay language. Some help to translate articles written by Puan Idayati into English. If any of the teachers, students or staff of the school wanted to know more about the plants, they could visit our Taman Herba STESMA blog.

Surprisingly, not many of them visit the blog. When they want information, they either come see me or Puan Idayati or call us. Actually the garden is just next to the library and I am practically sitting next to it. BUT then not all is lost. It appears that I have people from Malaysia and all over the world visiting the blog. So my effort is not in vain.

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