Monday, January 11, 2010


One student from UiTM in Shah Alam, Razis, wrote in to ask me if I could help him identify the plant above. He is planning on researching this plant for his Masters degree. Well, one of my friends said it looked like a plant called Assam Rokam in Malay. However, I looked for it in the Internet and came up with nothing. So, is there anyone out there who could provide some information for my young visitor who is thinking of doing research on this plant?


nswong said...

Maybe: Flacourtia spp
Try check these two species:
Flacourtia indica
Flacourtia rukam

nswong said...

Flacourtia indica

MaMa aRiNa said...

mak saya panggil pokok mata itik.. ada sepokok ka belakang rumah..

Synchronous said...

This is pokok mata itik AKA mata ayam AKA mata peladuk. (Ardisia crispa).
My mother has got one of these in her garden in Bota.
More info:
and here:

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Tok Dukun said...

The photo you posted is that of Ardisia elliptica or Ardisia littoralis. The Malays called it Mata Pelandok or in Kedah it is known as lempenai