Sunday, April 11, 2010


Setiap kali emak saya rasa yang kulitnya rasa gatal atau terdapat ruam, dia akan memetik daun belimbing besi sebagai rawatan. Ini adalah rawatan tradisi menggunakan herba yang diajar oleh pengasuhnya yang berasal dari negeri Cina. Untuk merawat kulit yang gatal, anda perlu memetik daun belimbing besi yang boleh mengisi satu beg plastik yang besar. Kemudian basuh daun itu dan kemudian merebus dalam air yang telah ditambah garam. Rebus selama satu jam. Lepas itu, mandi dengan air rebusan itu. Biar air itu di kulit untuk seketika sebelum basuh. Petua ini memang mujarab!
English version
Every time my mum suffers from itchy skin or rashes, she will go look for the leaves of the starfruit (carambola) plant. This herbal remedy was taught to her by her nanny who hailed from China. All one needs to do is to boil the leaves for about an hour in salt water. Then when the water is lukewarm use it to take a bath. It would be even better if one leaves the starfruit water on the body for a while before rinsing with water.
This morning I drove my mum to a house in our neighbourhood where such a tree could be found. The house has been unoccupied for some time and it seems that a lot of ladies come and pluck the leaves for medicinal purposes as well. My mum has been having sleepless nights because her skin felt itchy. Well, I am sure that after her bath, she'd be okay. Believe me the herbal remedy really works!

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NASIBAH said...

Dear Ms Cheah,
I just discovered your blog by chance while I was browsing for information on frangipanis - I suddenly fell in love with the frangis and now in the process of growing them in my small garden in Bandar Country Homes Rawang.Actually I just want to say that I am really impressed with your blog..will surely be a faithful follower from now on...ok then, now I want to ask about the Belimbing Buloh pulak...I have a Belimbing Buloh plant in my small garden...I heard that the DAUN IS also remedy for skin disease..betul ke? Thanks.