Friday, June 11, 2010


The above is the flower of the Kunyit Hitam which bloomed in the Herb Garden of my school. I did a post of it in the blog for the herb garden and I received the following input from a visitor:

Someone told me if you keep the flower in your wallet, your life will be easy and (you) will not have money problem. I don't know whether it is true or not...

I also visited the blog of the person who left the comment and found that she also did a post on the Kunyit Hitam. Here is what she wrote:

Pakcik A ngan Rosli cakap kunyit hitam tu antara khasiat lain boleh elak org nak hantar ilmu hitam or sihat kat tuan rumah. Biasan nya org2 asing ni kan bila datang Malaysia kena ada ilmu, kalo x mmg xleh nak hidup la kat Mesia ni. Camtu la diaorg bilang. Diorg cakap jugak, nak lagi best, letak jugak pokok limau kat depan rumah. Confirm lagi takut diorg yg ada ilmu x baik ni nak datang dekat. Itu antara pantang larang.

Pakcik A ngan Rosli jugak cakap, kalau kita tanam bende ni sorok2 atau selai daun kita campak dalam hutan, org yg ada ilmu2 ni mmg akan tahu kunyit hitam ni ada berdekatan. Cuma kalau nak amik daun or kunyit hitam ni, xleh amik time senja..bila nak dekat maghrib tu..dikatakan "power" dia akan hilang. Pakcik tu jugak cakap, setiap malam Jumaat, pokok kunyit ni ada bau2 kemenyan. Meremang jap bulu roma aku..


This is what I can best translate because the Malay used here is very colloquial.

A person named Pakcik Rosli said that one of the powers of this plant is that it the plant acts as a shield against those wishing to carry out black magic on the owner of the house where it is planted. He mentioned that foreigners to Malaysia would usually have knowledge of some form of black art so that they can survive in Malaysia. He said that it would be even better if a lime tree was planted in front of the house. This would make sure that those who want to use black magic would not be able to carry out their intent. It is also believed that if the plant is hidden or if a leaf is thrown into the jungle, those who practise the black arts would know that a Kunyit Hitam plant is present. If one wants to pluck the leaves of the Kunyit Hitam, they must not do so at dusk as by Maghrib time it will lose its power. The Pakcik also said that on Friday nights, the plant would give out a smell similar to kemunyan (incense). Eerie, isn't it?


shukor said...

kunyit hitam,meteor n damar laut

RZ Storyteller said...

Ini pokok temu lawak bukan kunyit hitam. Kunyit hitam bunganya jarang berbunga.Saya ada kedua pokok di rumah.

omar said...

berapa lama pokok kunyit hitam akan ambik masa untuk ber bunga? dan ape cara untuk menpercepatkan ia ber bunga?

rowme said...

Saya bersetuju dengan pendapat RZ Storyteller. Ini adalah pokok temulawak.

burungmerbok said...
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