Friday, February 10, 2012


A couple of weeks before the Chinese New Year, I had a visitor who came all the way from Teluk Intan to the college to get some Kunyit Hitam (Curcuma Caesia) from the Herb Garden. His name was Mr Chew. He needed the plant for spiritual healing purposes. According to him, he became unwell as a result of something mystical and a Siamese Sifu whom he consulted told him to get hold of the Kunyit Hitam as a cure. He happened to visit my Li Na Herbs blog and saw the post on the Black Turmeric and contacted me. He came to get the herb from me after giving me a call in the morning.
According to information that I sourced from the Internet, the Kunyit Hitam is said to have mystical properties. This type of Kunyit can be used to 'seal' a house against negative elements. One plant each has to be planted in each of the four corners of the house in order to ward off evil. The Kunyit Hitam is said to be able to cure santau (hexes).


Shane said...

Hey Ms Cheah,

I am a student from monash university. I am pursuing my phd in the field of medicinal plants..Currently am looking for plant samples.. May i know what kind of medicinal plants you have in your collection? Thanks alot!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been searching for various types of ginger and turmeric to cultivate, among them is black/purple ginger. Just wonder if you can spare some.

I am based in Cambodia but do go back to Malaysia once every few months.

sweetlady said...

So that's what a black turmeric looks like then. It has much broader leaves. :)