Saturday, September 8, 2012


Last weekend I went to the Farmer's Market in Ipoh to look for a Mahkota Dewa (God's Crown) plant. It was to replace the one that was planted by the former principal, Puan Siti Arfah bt Ibrahim, a couple years ago. I managed to buy one at RM30. Two years ago, I paid about RM90 for a plant but since then the price had gone down.
This is the dead Mahkota Dewa plant in front of the library. Now this is how it looks like. Tried I did to save it but was not successful.
I got help from one of the gardeners, Encik Ismail, in the school to help me plant the Mahkota Dewa in the Herb Garden. The location for the plant was changed as my colleague and I figured that it was not too suitable for this particular plant.

Encik Ismail planting the Mahkota Dewa in the Herb Garden.
After Encik Ismail had done the planting, I got my student Vasan to remove the signage for the plant from the old spot.
You can see Vasan with the signage that he had pulled out from the old spot.
Vasan then helped me to place the signage at the new spot.
Mission accomplished!!!

Common names: Mahkota dewa, simalakama, God's Crown
Family: ThymelaeaceaeUses
Used in as a medicinal plant for various diseases, such as cancer, gout, tumors, hepatitis, diabetes mellitus.


fadly khairie said...

A very infomational indeed, may i know where you used to buy all d herb plant in ipoh? I plan to start my own herb garden

Miss Cheah said...

I get a lot of my plants from the Pasar Tani near the Stadium.

Unknown said...

Dear Miss Cheah,
I came across you blog while searching for "Sam Kar Pei" plant.

I live in Kota Bharu , Kelantan. I cannot find that plant in my area . Is it possible for you to send a cutting of the plant to me ?.

What can be done is to cut a stem and wrap the base of which with wet tissue. Then put it in a plastic beg . Next tie the plastic bag end with rubber band, but the end must be folded before tying to prevent the water from flowing out.Then t can be sent by normal post or post segera.


Joe Chia

tinkerbelle said...

I have two plants in my garden and they are bearing fruits. Can someone recommend how to prepare and dry it to be safe for consumption. Tks