Tuesday, September 25, 2012


A while back there was all this rage for Sabah Snake Grass. In Chinese traditional medicine, the Sabah Snake Grass (优遁草,Clinacanthus nutans) is used to ease of inflammatory conditions.
Then word got around that it was a miracle cure for cancer.
Here is the story of how the Sabah Snake Grass found fame as a herbal cure for cancer:
In April 2011, the Malaysia Chinese newspaer Kwong Wah Press reported that Mr Liu of Taiping in the state of Perak was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphatic cancer in 2008.
A doctor advised chemotherapy for him. But it cost 50,000 ringgit and there was only 1% chance of survival. Mr Liu turned it down as he planned to use the sum of money for his children’s education.
As he had heard that the Sabah Snake Grass was good for inflammatory treatment, he tried it out.
Initially, he took about 40 leaves and his condition improved. He then increased his intake to 80 leaves.
After about 2 weeks, his condition improved significantly. He revisited the doctor. And the doctor diagnosed him as 96% recovered. The news together with the photo of Mr Liu’s before/after condition convinced many cancer patients in Malaysia to try the Sabah Snake Grass. From then on, Mr Liu himself started to introduce Sabah Snake Grass to others.He claimed that he has saved about 1000 people with the humble Sabah Snake Grass.
It was because of all the publicity surrounding this plant that I had people contacting me whether I had this plant in the Herb Garden. It was after all the enquiries that I started looking for this plant and thankfully my news vendor got some for me to plant. Now there are only two pots of Sabah Snake Grass in the Herb Garden. Once in a while, I would pluck a few leaves and eat them raw and believe me, they are really bitter.

My friend Annie posted a picture of a processed Sabah Snake Grass which has been made into a drink in my Facebook and I am reproducing the picture here.
For those of you in Malaysia who are interested to get this drink, please click the link below to look for the outlets where you can purchase the drink which comes in a box of 30 sachets.


Anonymous said...

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Cusanus said...

Searching for this herb or the plant in Thailand. Any help appreciated.

Al at cusanusnicolas@gmail.com