Monday, July 20, 2009


When I was at the market on Sunday morning, I overheard one of the vegetable sellers recommending the fig to one of her regular customers who said that she had a bad cough. According to the vegetable seller, the fig was a wonder fruit that has curative properties for a number of illnesses. Well, I do know that figs are good for health and have planted the tree in the school Fruit Garden as can be seen in the first picture above. I decided to check up on the medicinal benefits of the fruit and here is what I found out.

Fig - Natural Benefits and Curative Properties

Botanical Name :: Ficus carica
Indian Name :: Anjee

Natural Benefits and Curative Properties
Many medicinal virtues have been ascribed to the fig. It is considered a restorative food which helps in quick recovery after prolonged illness. It removes physical and mental exertion and endows the body with renewed vigor and strength. It is an excellent tonic for the weak people who suffer cracks in lips tongue and mouth.

Constipation :- Taken either fresh or dried, the fig is regarded as a dependable laxative on account of its large cellulose content and its tough skin. The tiny seeds in the fruit possess the property of stimulating peristaltic or wave like movements of intestines which facilitates easy evacuation of faeces and keeps the alimentary canal clean.

Piles :- Owing to its laxative property, the fig is an excellent remedy for piles. Two or three dried figs should be soaked in cold water in a glass of enamelware in the night after cleaning them thoroughly with hot water. They should be taken next morning. Figs should be taken similarly in the evening. This will remove straining at stools and thus prevent the protrusion of the anus. The piles will be cured with regular use of figs in this manner for three or four weeks.

Asthma :- Figs are considered beneficial in the treatment of asthma. Phlegmatic cases of cough and asthma are treated with success by their use. It gives comfort to the patient by draining of the phlegm.Sexual Weakness :- Figs can be beneficially used in the treatment of sexual debility. They can be supplemented by other dry fruits like almonds and dry dates along with butter. Their use has proved effective in such cases.

Corns :- For corns of long duration, the milky juice of green figs helps to soften them. The milk has a mild necrotic action.

Figs should be washed thoroughly before use. The skin of the dry fruit being tough, the soaked fig is easy to digest. It is, however, essential to take the water along with the fruit as much of the nutrients come out into the water.


By the way, I found out that fig juice when drunk daily could act as a cancer preventive.

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