Monday, July 6, 2009


Pink Guava juice which has been packaged
My boys posing in front of barrels of processed guava juice puree

The school library committee of my school went to the Golden Hope Pink Guava Plantation in Sitiawan for a study trip. The Public Relations officer told us that pink guavas (or jambu batu merah in the Malay language) are good for health.
Here is the information that I got from her:
  1. Guavas are a very rich source of vitamin C . One guava contains more vitamin C than a typical citrus fruit – the rind contains over five times more vitamin C than an orange.
  2. They also contain high amounts of calcium – which is unusual in a fruit.
    A fresh guava fruit is also a valuable source of vitamin A and B, nicotinic acid, phosphorous, potassium, iron, folate and is high in fibre.
  3. Guavas are also low in fat and calories, with only about 25 calories per fruit.The guava fruit is said to help lower cholesterol, protect your heart and is good for your immune system.


Medical Information said...

Guava is humble looking fruit. I find guava very tasty. It is good for health. It is rich in vitamin C. It is great for eyes and heart, skin, hair. It also helps for combating colon and prostate cancer and has many other benefits. To get more knowledge on guava fruit, refer Guava Fruit Facts

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Hi Miss Cheah, just wondering if you had seen a type of pink guava that is very pear looking in shape with very very rugged skin (very winkled skin surface). Pear shape is propably native to vietnam spesies. I used to have a tree at my parent's house and it died long time ago. The guava tastes really good. I wish to acquire this species for personal reason.