Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I had a visitor this afternoon, Mr Siva Balan from KL. He read about the Kunyit Hitam plant that I posted in the herb garden blog and took leave from work to come see me to get the herb. Mr Siva met with an accident 3 years ago and the tendons on his left foot were damaged. It took a long time for him to recover. Until today his foot is still painful especially at night. As his work as an assistant estate manager require him to do a lot of walking, his foot plus leg would be painful by the end of the day His late grandmother taught him to make a poultice using the kunyit hitam plant. He did it nightly and that helped ease the pain. He had the plant growing in his garden until now. It died because of the extremely hot weather condition a couple of months ago. Unfortunately the kunyit hitam plant I featured in the blog died. However he was lucky as I was able to supply him with alternative herbs that he could use as poultice. Instead of coming for one herb, he left with 6; sireh, lemuni, patah tulang, daun puding, Snake grass and Sabah snake grass. Thank goodness my knowledge of herbs came in handy. I hope my prescription will help.

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