Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I bought this Cermai plant for the Herb Garden in my college in 2009. It bore fruit once in 2010 but there was not much fruit. I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me yesterday. One of the janitors informed me that the tree was again bearing fruit. I went and harvested the fruit with Hajah Kamariah and Baz at around noon. We had a bountiful crop.

Here is some info about this plant which is nicknamed Anggur Malaysia or Malaysian Grapes by the village folks. 
English name: Otaheite gooseberry, Malay gooseberry, Star gooseberry 
Scientific name: Phyllanthus acidus L. 
Family: Euphorbiaceae

Saya membeli tumbuhan Cermai ini bagi Taman Herba di kolej saya pada tahun 2009. Ia berbuah \ sekali pada tahun 2010 tetapi tidak banyak cermai. Baru ini pokok ini berbuah lagi sekali.    Aku pergi petik buah cermai dengan Hajah Kamariah dan Baz pada sekitar tengahari. kami dapat buah yang banyak.
 Berikut adalah beberapa info tentang tumbuhan ini yang adalah digelar Anggur Malaysia atau anggur Malaysia oleh orang-orang kampung.
Nama Bahasa Inggeris: Otaheite gooseberry, gooseberry Melayu,
Nama saintifiknya gooseberry bintang: pokok acidus L.
Keluarga: Euphorbiaceae

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Unknown said...

Hello, Ms,

I wish to introduce myself Mr. Reddy and Iam from south India. I have read your posts and came to know about your research.

I will be pleased if you can let me know you can provide me seeds for KUNYIT HITAM. And also whether it can be grown with temperature of 20-25 degrees. And what kind of soil it requires. And what are better conditions to grow KUNYIT HITAM, i.e soil, water and temperature and also it duration.

I will be also pleased to let you that we are eager to extend our cooperation and all which you need to continue your research in our State.

Desperately looking forward for your reply

Thanking You
Yours truly