Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I am sure many of you would have seen this herb growing by the roadside or near the drains. I am equally sure that almost everyone would think that they are useless weeds, right? Actually the Man-to-Man or Ketumpangan air is a very useful herb that can be added to our salads or used a medicine for quite a number of ailments. Read the information below and you will soon agree with me.

Common names (Nama tempatan):
Ketumpang Air, Ketumpangan air, Rangu-rangu, Salad Pepperomia, Vietnamese Crab Claw Herb, Salad Pepperomia, Sirih Cina, Shiny bush, Pepper elder, Common pepperomia

Scientific name (Nama Saintifik): Peperomia pellucida
Family (Famili): Piperaceae
Chinese name (Nama Cina): 草胡椒

Culinary :
A small plant with bright green heart-shaped shiny succulent leaves used in salad. The best salad plant ever! The whole plant's foliage (all leaves and branches) is washed and tossed into salads. Goes well with any of your favorite salad dressing.

Medicinal :
It can be eaten without cooking or heating. It can cure eye infection, diarrhoea, cough, flu and urinary tract infection. fever, headache, stomachache and weak body. It also helps to lower high blood pressure. The leaves contain antibacterial properties that can be used to treat skin diseases like acne and burns. It can also be used to treat arthritis and rheumatism. Can be used as an antidote for joint pains and stomachaches. Liquid from the stems can be used to treat fever and headaches.


Boleh digunakan untuk membuat salad.

Boleh di makan sebagai ulam tanpa dimasak. Boleh merawat Di surinam jusnya yang segar diminum untuk mengelakkan jangkitan pada mata, cirit-birit, batuk, selesema,dan jangkitan pundi kencing dan untuk menurunkan tekanan darah tinggi. Daunnya mengandungi bahan antibakteria yang boleh merawat penyakit kulit seperti bisul,jerawat dan kulit melecur.Ia juga boleh digunakan untuk merawat athritis dan rheumatik. Ia juga boleh menjadi penawar kepada sakit sendi dan sakit perut.Cairan dari batangnya juga digunakan untuk menyembuhkan demam dan sakit kepala.


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