Wednesday, March 24, 2010

RAIN TREE (Samanea saman Merr.)

One of my colleagues told me that the fruit of the rain tree had a very "interesting" name in the Malay language. At first I had thought it was the Golden Shower tree which I did a post on previously. However, when I showed him the fruit from the Golden Shower tree, he told me that it wasn't the one. He said the flowers were pink and continued to give me a description of the plant. I also used the name that he provided me with to find the botanic name for this particular tree. For those who wish to know, the name of the fruit is in the last picture.

Plant information:
Common names: Acacia, Rain Tree, Monkey Pod, Saman. 5 0'clock Tree, Ki Hujan
Botanic name: Samanea saman Merr.

Traditional Uses

In the Phillipines
· Acute bacillary dysentery, enteritis, diarrhea: use 15 to 30 gms dried material in decoction.
· Also for colds, sore throat, headache.
· A decoction of the inner bark or fresh cambium and leaves is used to treat diarrhea.
· Anaphylactic dermatitis, eczema, skin pruritus: use decoction of fresh material and apply as external wash.
· Latex used as gum arabic for gluing
In Venezuala,
. The rain tree is a traditional remedy for colds, diarrhea, headache, intestinal ailments and stomach ache.
· Root decoction used in hot baths for stomach cancer.
In the West Indies,
· The leaf infusion is used as a laxative and seeds chewed for sore throat.
· The alcoholic extract of leaves used for tuberculosis.



vie-BIOLOGI said...

nice photo,,,thanks

Gail said...

There's a large Monkey Pod tree about 3 blocks from where we live here in Merida, Yucatan. When we go walking tomorrow I'm going to collect some seed pods. The weather here is hot year round and never gets cold. I'm hoping to get some going here in the backyard, maybe give some away to friends. Thanks for the great post and photos. This is a beautiful tree.

nurachiyoblog said...

samanea saman in scientific malay it also knows as pokok hujan or pokok pukul lima..anyway nice blogs..