Saturday, March 20, 2010


Common names: Sanjeevani, Selaginella

Botanic name: Selaginella_bryopteris

Genus: Selaginella

Family: Selaginellaceae

Uses in Indian Traditional Medicine
Selaginella bryopteris (L.) Baker, popularly known as sanjeevani is a lythophytic plant with medicinal properties. The popular name "Sanjeevani" which translates as "One that infuses life" derives from the medicinal properties.

Traditionally the plants have been used in India :

1. as a relief from heat stroke and the burning sensation during urination;
2. for restorating menstrual irregularities to normal and applied topically to pregnant women;
3. for aiding in easy delivery;
4. for treating jaundice.
**Note that the factual basis for such treatments is still unknown.


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