Monday, May 17, 2010


I have been suffering from migraine since the age of 19 and still am suffering from it. Sometimes I am really worried that the amount of painkillers I consume would be bad for my body but then the pain gets so intense that I have to take them.

Recently I read an article in a magazine on Herbs about the use of the Oriental Arbovitae leaves (Platycladus orientalis aurea) to cure migraine. In Cantonese we refer to this as Pien Pak. In Mandarin it is known as Bai Zi Ren 柏子仁) . In traditional Chinese medicine, this herb is also used to calm the mind; to treat palpitation and poor memory.

It seems that preparing the Oriental Arborvitae leaves for consumption is very simple and easy. All one needs to do is to wash one palm size leaf and then put them in a glass of hot water, let it brew for ten to twenty minutes and then it is ready to be drunk. It seems that after drinking the concoction for a few times, one will notice that the migraine attacks will become lesser and lesser.
One thing to remember is that there are several species of the Oriental Arborvitae and not all of them can be used as a cure. The one we are looking for is the ones which are flat in shape. Look at the pictures above and you will have an idea.

Luckily for me, my mum has planted such a tree in our garden. So I have collected quite a lot of the leaves and will start to try them out today. If I am free of migraine, I will certainly let you all know.
Saya menghidap penyakit migraine semenjak saya berusia 19 tahun. Sehingga kini saya masih lagi menghidap penyakit tersebut. Apabila saya mengambil pil penahan sakit penyakit saya akan berkurangan tetapi ubat itu akan memberi kesan sampingan kepada kesihatan saya.
Baru-baru ini saya terbaca satu artikel daripada satu majalah bernama "Herbs" yang menceritakan tentang kebaikan daun Oriental Arborvitae (Platycladus orientalis aurea) yang dikatakan dapat mengubat penyakit migraine. Dalam loghat Cantonese ia dikenali sebagai Pien Pak. Dalam bahasa Mandarin dikenali sebagai Bai Zi Ren. Dalam perubatan tradisi Cina, ia digunakan untuk menenangkan fikiran, jantung berdegup kencang dan peringatan yang lemah.
Saya dapati cara untuk menyediakan daun Oriental Arborvitae ini untuk diminum adalah sangat senang. Hanya perlu daun yang sebesar tapak tangan, basuh dan kemudian letak dalam segelas air panas. Biar untuk 10 hingga 20 minit sebelum minum. Dengan minum air ini untuk beberapa kali, penyakit migraine akan berkurangan.
Terdapat beberapa spesis Oriental Arborvitae tetapi bukan semua boleh digunakan sebagai ubat. Hanya jenis yang bentuk leper yang boleh digunakan.
Saya bernasib baik kerana ibu saya menanam pokok ini di taman bunga rumah. Saya telah mengambil beberapa helai daun ini dan akan cuba gunakannya sebagai ubat hari ini. Kalau migraine saya hilang, saya akan maklumkan kepada anda.


Shida said...

Hi Miss Cheah, any update, my husband got migraine too..

Miss Cheah said...

It is not too effective for me. Sometimes these herbs take time to work. I only tried it two times so far.

Dr Nicholas E. said...

If you're diagnosed with severe migraine, one thing that might have caused it is due to lack of sleep. Our body releases a chemical called Seratonin which rely on the amount of sleep. Insufficient Seratonin is the main cause why migraine attacks.

Artoone said...

For, it is mainly due to the food intake and weather. Try avoid going out on a hot sunny day and avoid exposing yourself from direct heat from the sun. Next is food, my killer is coconut milk. Don't consume anything that has coconut milk regularly or in large quantity.

Other than that, I don't take any medication because it is futile as it will go down the drain when I puke. Basically, when you feel like puking, just puke everything in your stomach. You will get better after the puke and a day rest.

Then again, different people, different treatment.