Wednesday, August 22, 2012


When I was much younger I used to help my godmother look for herbs that grow wild in many places. She'd used them to make Medicated Oil or Minyak Angin. While looking for the herbs that she needed, she'd also point out to me other herbs that have medicinal uses. Of these is the Grass Pearls.
The plant shown in the picture is growing healthily in my garden. Grass Pearls or Hedyotis corymbosa are shrubs that grow wild in many places. Many people regard them as weeds and just pull them out.

Let me share with you information about Hedyotis corymbosa. Read on ...

Hedyotis corymbosa useful to relieve the heat, anti-inflammation, urinary shed, remove heat and toxin as well as activate blood circulation. Diseases associated with respiratorytract such as tonsillitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia can be treated with this plant.Similarly, other diseases such as hepatitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and urinary tract infections.

1. Cope with respiratory distress
2. Maintaining healthy liver function
3. As an anti inflammatory like amanadel inflammation, sore throat, and pelvic inflammatory disease
4. Activate blood circulation
5. Treating urinary tract infections
6. Remove heat and toxin
7. Treating hepatitis


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