Thursday, August 23, 2012


Pachira Aquatica

A money plant tree, also known as the money tree, is a very special type of tree that can be grown inside your home. It is believed that a money tree will bring you good luck, good fortune, wealth and prosperity. It enjoys a very strong reputation for causing great things to happen. The money tree is said to bring good fortune and prosperity to it’s owner.

The money plant tree is often used in a room that is missing (or is very low in) an element of feng shui. It is said that it can balance out a room that is missing one of five elements. You can read more about it atMoney Tree Feng Shui.

Money trees have grown in popularity as great gift ideas. A money plant tree would make a great gift for those celebrating a new beginning. Find out the many occasions that a pachira plant would be a great gift at Money Tree Gift.

The pachira aquatica (money tree) can grow up to 7′ tall to 3′ wide. It is a very attractive addition to your home or business with five trunks, or bases, braided together. It has shiny green leaves and smooth green bark. The leaves, flowers and nuts that the plant produces are all edible. The nuts, some say, taste similar to peanuts.

Whether you are looking to find the money tree history, where to buy money trees, money tree giftinformation or money tree care; we hope you find it all here.

May your new money plant tree bring you, or someone special, the good fortune you deserve!


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