Tuesday, July 29, 2008


NAMA SAINTIFIK : Strobilanthes Crispus

NAMA CINA: 脆叶马兰 ,黑面将军

Sejenis pokok renek berdaun bujur berwarna hijau kehitaman dan berkilat serta berkedut-kedut . Boleh ditanam di dalam pasu atau di halaman rumah tetapi perlu kepada perlindungan.

Boleh digunakan untuk penyakit darah tinggi, kencing manis , batu karang . Untuk penyakit batu karang, ambil semua bahagian termasuk batang dan akar. Bersihkan dan rebus bersama 3 gelas air. Tinggal 1/3 gelas dan biarkan suam . Minum setiap malam sehingga lega.


The above plant is called the Black Face General in English which is a literal translation from the Chinese version, Hei Mian Jian Chun 黑面將軍. In Malay it is referred to as Pecah Kaca. Its scientific name is Strobilanthes crispus.
Believe me, it is quite easy to grow and is really hardy. I grow it in my house here in Sitiawan and also in my mum's house in Ipoh. Quite a number of my Chinese neighbours also grow it in their gardens. Of course, I have it in my school's herb garden.
For a person who is very interested in herbs, this plant has a lot of medicinal values. The leaves of the Black Face General are the part of the plant that is used. They are used in either the fresh or dried form. The latter form offers a longer shelf life if dried leaves are kept in sealed bag, away from sunlight, heat and moisture. You can boil the leaves of the plant in water and drink the concoction. The effect is that it helps reduce body heatiness and detoxifies the body of toxins. My colleague tells me that he just takes two leaves, puts it in a glass, pour hot water over it, let it brew and then drink it. For him, he and his family drinks it if they have trouble urinating, meaning it can be used as a diuretic.
A lot of publicity have been given to the Black Face General in recent years for its anti-cancer and anti-AIDs properties. Our neighbours in Indonesia have used it for treatment of snakebites, kidney stones and diabetes. However, pregnant ladies are advised to use this herb with caution as it might cause them to miscarry.When fresh leaves of the plant are used, they can either be made into a puree or juiced which is then consumed directly. The leaves can also be boiled to yield an infusion. The leaves can be dried and then crushed prior to simmering them in hot water. The resulting yellow-tinged infusion can be flavoured with sugar and drunk as a tea.



Fahrenson Sai said...

I have one of this. I really salute to the medicinal value in this plant. Miss Cheah, thank you for sharing the information.


nswong said...

Strobilanthes crispus

Steviboy L. said...

hi I have been fortunate to drink this tea n works well...but I live in North America. Do you know if our climate indoors allows for growing these black face general leaves? n where can I purchase the dry leaves organic for drinking and for growing? my friend use to bring me some but now she say she doesn't have access as malay govt pesticide the area where she got them from.

can you help me? thank u

Leon Loke said...

This is a miracle plant that help many to recover from cancer without the need of chemo. However, there are another 2 herbs that goes along with BFG for cancer treatment.

Growing it in door ? Not sure you can get it thru your custom