Tuesday, July 29, 2008


NAMA HERBA : Misai Kucing
NAMA SAINTIFIK : Orthosiphon stamineus/Orthosiphon aristatus
Pokok sederhana tinggi dan bunga berbentuk jambak bertingkat-tingkat dan menarik. Boleh di dapati di tanah terbiar. Ditanam sebagai pokok hiasan. Bunganya putih atau ungu dengan filamen yang panjang seperti misai kucing. Daunnya berbentuk tirus di hujung dan tepi daunnya bergerigi.

Melawaskan pembuangan air kecil, rawatan batu ginjal, reumatisme, sakit pinggang, masuk angin, kencing manis dan demam.

A male colleague mentioned to me that he managed to lose some weight around his tummy thanks to a herb called Misai Kucing in Malay. In English it is commonly known as Java Tea and Cat's Whiskers. He bought the ones that had been processed into pills and not the fresh ones from the garden. The herb can be found in the Herb Garden in my school but not enough for consumption on a daily basis. It is planted more for information purposes and not on a large scale. Anyway, you can try growing it as it is relatively easy to grow. You just need to boil the leaves and drink the water. Besides helping one to lose weight, the misai kucing or cat's whiskers is also said to help treat diabeties and high blood pressure. It is also useful for flushing the kidney and urinary tract. It is also said to help relieve spasms of the smooth muscle in the walls of the internal organs.
Family: Lamiaceae
Genus: Orthosiphon
Species: aristatus

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