Thursday, June 9, 2011


One of my friend's wife had been coughing more than two years.  She had tried a lot of medication and cures but the cough did not go away.  She even had her chest X-rayed on the advice of her doctor.  The X-ray showed that the lungs were okay.

I asked my Sifu for advice and he recommended a herbal remedy for her cough.  He said that she needed to drink the herbal concoction for 3 times and she'd be okay.  Know what?  She only drank it once and became better. Last week, I heard from her hubby that she was not coughing any more. 

Here is the recipe.

1 winter melon (kundur)
a handful of dried longan
a handful of Snow fungus (Tremella fuciformis))
1 lo han ko (Arhat Fruit)


  1. Wash the winter melon.
  2. Cut the top to make a lid.
  3. Scoop out the seeds from the winter melon.
  4. Add into the winter melon the lo han ko, the snow fungus and dried longan
  5. Add boiled water to the winter melon.
  6. Close the lid.
  7. Double boil for half an hour before drinking. 
**  You can add in one lump of rock sugar if you want it a bit sweet but this is optional.


Isteri seorang kawan saya telah batuk selama dua tahun.  Beliau telah mencuba banyak jenis rawatan tetapi penyakit tak mahu hilang.  X-ray menunjukkan paru-paru beliau adalah sihat.
Saya mendapatkan resipe herba untuk batuk untuk beliau.  Ramuan itu mesti diminum tiga kali.  Selepas minum hanya sekali ramuan itu, keadaan beliau semakin pulih.

Inilah resipe batuk.

1 biji kundur
1 genggam longan kering
1 genggam snow fungus
1 biji buah lo hon ko


  1. Basuh biji kundur.
  2. Potong bahagian atas biji kundur untuk dijadikan tudung.
  3. Keluarkan biji dari buah kundur.
  4. Masukkan lo han ko, the snow fungus dan longan kering dalam buah kundur.
  5. Tambah air masak dalam buah kundur.
  6. Tutup dengan tudung.
  7. Double boil untuk 30 minit sebelum minum.
**  Anda boleh tambah gula batu kalau inginkan lebih manis.  


Live Life Cool said...

Hi Miss Cheah,
I have tried this remedy yesterday night for my mum and it really works!! She has been coughing for the past few days and after drinking it, she has almost stop coughing now and very less phelgm....thanks for this remedy.
By the way, do u know any herbal remedy for phelgm?

Miss Cheah said...

Glad it worked for your mum. I am not too sure about the remedy for phlegm but I will ask my sifu if he has one for it the next time I meet him. So please do keep visiting.