Thursday, December 10, 2009


I went and hunted for the zebrinas in the market this morning. I also asked the owner of the shop who planted them for confirmation of their names. He said that all the types that I showed him were Shui Gui Tsao and sometimes the colours of the leaves turn out different because of the amount of sunlight they received. However, he told me that all were from the same species, Zebrina pendula. According to him, the herb is used for treating bladder problems.

Me taking a closer look at the zebrina planted by the owner of a shop in Kampung Simee.
The smaller leaf zebrina. The purple colour on the other side is lighter than the other two types of zebrina.
The Zebrina pendula which has very prominent stripes like that of a zebra. You can see the flower for the plant.
The green type of Shui Gui Tsao which is also Zebrina pendula which the owner of the shop also grows at the back of his shop.
The zebrina I found growing by the side of a shop in Kampung Simee. There are other herbs as well.
The leaf for the top one is green on the surface and purplish white lines on the bottom. The one at the lower left has smaller leaves but is similar to the one at the top. The one on the right has green white lines on the surface and is purplish on the other side.

I paid RM2.00 for the zebrina at the market. I got RM1.00 of the big leafed ones and another RM2.00 for the ones with smaller leaves.

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