Saturday, December 5, 2009


I would go to wet markets and the Farmer's market to look for herbal plants for the school Herb Garden. They are cheaper and I get to find some new herbs to add to the ones we already have. I bought four new plants yesterday morning. My mum will help look after them during the holidays and I will only bring them back to school when it reopens in January. I don't want my new plants dying from neglect after planting them. This was what happened during the last school holidays.

I keep replenishing the plants in the school Herb Garden all the time. Sometimes I add new species and at other times I need to replace plants that have died or have some sort of diseases. There is actually no allocation of funds for buying plants for the library. What I usually do is use money we get from the sales of herbal drinks or other fund raising activities to buy the plants, soil and pots. My principal is of great support and will also contribute money for buying the herbal plants. If the plants are very cheap, I just buy them for the library myself.
Sometimes my friends and colleagues would bring plants from their homes to add to the ones we have. In actuality it takes a lot of patience and hard work to maintain the Herb Garden and that is why I get pretty upset when the workers neglect the plants during the holidays. I guess they think that I get a lot of funding from the school for the plants and so would be able to replace the plants easily.

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