Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I am again doing a post about the Zebrina Pendula Schnizl or Zebrina. The vegetable sellers at the market refer to it as Shui Gui Cao 水龟草. However the actual Chinese botanical name is 吊竹草. I guess that was why I was having a lot of trouble finding its name. I actually have to thank NZ Wong for his help in helping to identify the plant.

Apparently it is called Zebrina because of the zebra stripes on the leaves. However I am making a guess that the Chinese refer to it as Shui Gui Cao since the leaves resemble the shape of the water turtle and also there are also stripes on the turtles back. For your information, the surface of the leaves can be either green (see second picture) or purplish with white stripes (see first picture). It is also called 紫背鴨跖草、斑葉鴨跖草 in Chinese.

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