Friday, December 4, 2009


I wasn't very pleased when I went back to school on Wednesday to check on the plants in the Herb Garden and Fruit Garden. Quite a number of the plants looked withered and a few were in critical condition. Last week, I was in school from Tuesday to Thursday and the plants were fine as I watered them and there was a lot of rain.
When I asked the janitors they told me that the labourers who were building the wall for the school was using the hose and they couldn't use it. Furthermore, they told me that there was rain. I think that is really a lame excuse. They could jolly well fill containers to water the plants since it is one of the task they have to do daily.
I have often told everyone that we have to treat the plants well because we would also gain merit by showing love to nature. I was actually quite upset when I saw the condition of the plants and called the supervisor, Encik Mat, to ask him to tell the workers to spruce up the Herb Garden and Fruit Garden.
I find that the Herb Garden and the Fruit Garden become neglected during the holidays as the workers tend to neglect it. During school days, another teacher and I would find time to water the plants and the librarians help to tidy the place. At the present moment I would be embarassed to entertain visitors.

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