Saturday, December 5, 2009


My mum finally bought the Red Trailing Bauhinia from the Farmer's Market yesterday morning. She had been eyeing the pot of plant for a few months and finally bought it after the trader was willing to sell it to her for RM30.00 (less RM8.00).
I had done an earlier post about this plant but at that time I only referred to it as Bauhinia kockiana. Here is more information including the traditional medicinal uses.

Common name: Red Trailing Bauhinia, Katup-katup, Ketup-ketup, Kangkatuk, Dedaup
Scientific name: Bauhinia kockiana
Family: Fabaceae / Leguminosae
Chinese name: 素心花藤
Medicinal uses:
The stem and the roots is used as traditional medicine by woman who have nerve problems.
To treate toothache and gum problems, the stem and the roots are pounded into a paste and pasted on the teeth or gums.
Taman Hiasan: Khasiat Makanan & Ubatan by Ong Hean Chooi

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Suka pokok ni tapi tak ada kawasan yg luas utk tanam. rumah teres