Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I had initially thought that Lui Cha Rice was Thunder Tea Rice but one of my visitors corrected me. It seems that Lui in Hakka means the sound of grinding of something. The Lui Char is a healthy vegetarian dish which is eaten with tea made from a few types of herbs and vegetables. One of the important ingredients to make the tea happen to be the Sam Kar Pei or Acanthopanax. Those who can read Chinese can also read an article about it here.

Here is info about the Lui Cha Fan.
The Ho Poh (a sub Hakka clan) have a unique tradition in this Lui Cha Fan. The sound created is said to signify the noise made when one is preparing the dish which involves a lot of grinding of tea leaves and chopping vegetables and nuts to small bits that accompany this dish.
Lui Char is an original recipe deemed healthy by many diners with several finely-diced ingredients such as tofu, green beans, ground nuts, pickled radish and other vegetables mixed into cooked brown rice and served with tea made from tea leaves, basil and mint steeped in hot water. The ingredients are all organic and totally healthy.
To eat your lui cha fan, you pour the condiments into your rice and add the hot tea.

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